[solved] Which one of the following is not among the ways that strong parenting capabilities can help a company committed to a strategy of unrelated diversification build shareholder value?

Focus on acquiring businesses that offer the best opportunities for achieving rapid market growth and that have a big competitive advantage over rivals (thereby satisfying the industry attractiveness and competitive strength tests)

Do an astute job of allocating financial resources across the company's businesses

Do such a superior job of overseeing, guiding, and otherwise parenting the firm’s business subsidiaries that the subsidiaries perform at a higher level than they would otherwise be able to do as a standalone enterprise (thus satisfying the better-off test)

Utilize the business acumen of certain corporate executives in identifying undervalued or underperforming companies and then further rely on the skills and expertise of these or other corporate executives in pinpointing achievable ways that the operations of such companies can be overhauled and streamlined to produce dramatic increases in profitability

Employ strong bargaining skills to successfully negotiate a low price and other favorable terms in acquiring any new business the corporate parent decides to enter (thereby helping satisfy the cost-of-entry test)

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correct answers
Focus on acquiring businesses that

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