[solved] Which of the following most accurately qualify as valuable company resources?

Big profit margins, more than 2 core competencies, and more global distribution centers than key rivals

More distinctive competencies than core competencies, an above-average market share, national geographic coverage, and having more personnel assigned to customer service activities than close rivals

State-of-the-art manufacturing plants and/or equipment and/or distribution facilities; the cumulative learning and know-how of key personnel and work groups; cash and marketable securities; a strong balance sheet and credit rating; and a strong network of distributors and/or retail dealers

A large volume of unit sales, modern production plants, and a large number of newly-introduced products

More primary value chain activities than close rivals, more plants than any other company in the industry, and a bigger work force than key rivals

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23-09-22 | 17:47:31

correct answer:
State-of-the-art manufacturing plants and/or equipment and/or distribution

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