[solved] Which of the following is not one of the strategic options that companies have for using their websites?

Creating as much channel conflict as possible so as to quickly learn whether all customer-related transactions should be conducted at the company's website or whether the company needs to continue selling through traditional wholesalers, distributors, and retailers

Employing a brick-and-click strategy to sell direct to consumers at the company's website while at the same time utilizing traditional wholesalers/distributors and retail outlets to access customers

Using sales at the company's website as the exclusive channel for making sales to customers

Using online sales at the company's website as a relatively minor distribution channel for achieving incremental sales

Operating a website that provides existing and potential customers with extensive product information but that relies on click-throughs to distribution channel partners to handle orders and sales transactions

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25-09-22 | 07:18:37

correct answer:
Creating as much channel conflict as

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