[solved] The difference between a merger and an acquisition is that

in a merger the companies retain their original names whereas in an acquisition the name of the company being acquired is changed to be the name of the acquiring company.

a merger is a combination of three or more companies whereas an acquisition is combination of just two companies

a merger is the combining of two or more companies into a newly created company that usually takes on a different name, whereas an acquisition is a combination in which one company, the acquirer, purchases and absorbs the operations of another company, the acquired.

a merger involves one company purchasing the assets of another company with cash, whereas an acquisition involves a company acquiring another company by buying all of the shares of its common stock.

a merger involves combining the strategies of the merged companies into a single new strategy whereas an acquisition involves both the acquiring company and the acquired company continuing to pursue their respective strategies.

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The difference between a merger and an acquisition is that a

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