[solved] Setting and achieving strategic objectives is critically important because

the aggressiveness with which a company pursues strategic objectives is the most important determinant of long-term customer satisfaction.

achieving targeted strategic outcomes is more important in determining a company's credit rating and financial well-being than whether the company is meeting shareholder expectations for good short-term financial performance.

this is what prevents management's drive for achieving good financial performance from overwhelming the pursuit of higher levels of customer satisfaction.

a company's strategic performance is the biggest single factor that determines how fast a company will be able to increase dividends to shareholders and boost the company's stock price.

a stronger market standing with buyers and improved competitive strength to combat rivals' vitality--especially when these result in a bigger competitive advantage--is what enables and empowers a company to improve its financial performance in upcoming periods.

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07-09-22 | 16:00:18

correct answer:
a stronger market standing with buyers

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