[solved] If a company is pursuing a strategy to differentiate its branded footwear from the offerings of rival companies, its managers should make a point of examining the facility and production cost benchmarking statistics reported on p. 6 of each issue of the FIR in order to

discover which particular rival companies are overspending on production-related activities to differentiate their branded footwear.

learn how much manufacturing costs per pair produced can be lowered by investing in one or more equipment upgrade options.

learn whether its TQM/Six-Sigma expenditures, reject rates, and total compensation packages for labor are comparable to other rival companies also pursuing a differentiation strategy.

discern whether the company can boost profits by lowering the Internet and wholesale prices being charged for branded footwear.

determine whether immediate actions need to be taken to reduce one or more production cost components at a particular facility--because the facility's manufacturing costs per pair produced are unacceptably high relative to those at the facilities of rival companies.

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determine whether immediate actions need to be taken

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