[solved] Given the following data from a recent Comparative Competitive Efforts page in the CIR:

AverageYour Company
vs. Ind. Avg.

Retail Price ($ per pair)$83.50$76.28+9.5%

Search Engine Advertising ($000s)6,2506,225+0.4%

Free ShippingNoNoneSame

S/Q Rating8.66.3+36.5%

Model Availability499300+66.5%

Brand Advertising16,50014,350+15.0%

Celebrity Appeal140111+26.1%

Brand Reputation8776+14.5%

Online Orders (000s)709538+31.8%

Pairs Sold (000s)709538+31.8%

Market Share (%)13.2%10.0%13.2%

Based on the above data for your company, which of the following statements is false?

Your company's two biggest competitive advantages in the Internet Segment related to S/Q rating and model availability.

Your company's branded sales volume and market share in the Internet segment was positively impacted by your company's brand reputation.

Your company had a competitive advantage on each one of the eight competitive factors affecting Internet sales and market share.

Your company’s percentage competitive advantages and disadvantages on the 8 competitive factors affecting Internet sales and market share resulted in a net overall competitive advantage of a size sufficient to produce an above-average 13.2% market share.

Your company had a tiny competitive advantage in search engine advertising.

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27-09-22 | 18:36:28

correct answer
Your company had

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