[solved] For a company's competitive strategy to succeed in delivering good performance or the intended competitive advantage over rivals, quizlet

the company is well-advised to employ either a low-cost provider strategy or a best-cost provider strategy--differentiation strategies rarely work well because of the ease with which competitors are usually able to quickly copy most or all of the appealing product attributes a company comes up with.

it must be underpinned by resources and capabilities that enable the company to execute its strategy with a high degree of proficiency.

the company must typically employ a value chain with more cost drivers and more value drivers than any other rival company in the industry.

it must possess the resources and capabilities to achieve best-cost status and thereby put itself in strong position to become a dominating market leader by outcompeting firms employing low-cost provider, broad differentiation, and focused strategies.

the strategy must be aimed squarely at achieving a cost-based competitive advantage--this is because, given sufficient time, competitors can clone most any product feature that buyers find quite appealing and thus defeat a strategy keyed to product differentiation.


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correct answer:
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