[solved] Competitive pressures stemming from the threat of entry are stronger when

there are fewer than 10 entry candidates with the potential to hurdle the industry's barriers to entry.

buyers have strong brand preferences and high degrees of loyalty to their preferred brand and when it takes new entrants less than 5 years to secure attractive amounts of space on retailers' shelves and build a well-recognized brand name.

the industry's outlook is uncertain or highly risky, entry barriers are low, and very few existing industry members are looking to expand their market reach by entering product segments or geographic areas where they currently do not have a presence.

entry barriers are low, the pool of entry candidates is large, and existing industry members are earning good profits.

it is difficult or costly for a customer to switch to a new brand, the total dollar investment needed to enter the market successfully exceeds $5 million, and existing governmental regulations impose significant cost and compliance burdens on industry members.

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Competitive pressures stemming from the threat

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