[solved] Based on the industry-low, industry-average, and industry-high values for the benchmarked data that appear on p. 7 of each issue of the FIR, which of the following would be an untrustworthy or incomplete indication that certain elements of your company's costs are too high relative to the costs of rival companies?

Your company's marketing expenses per pair sold in both the Internet and Wholesale segments in one or more regions are the highest in the industry

Your company's distribution and warehouse costs per pair available for sale in one or more regions are 20% or more above the industry-average number

The cost of branded pairs sold in one or more regions is very near or at the industry high value

Your company's operating profit margin per branded pair sold is at or very near the industry low in one or more geographic regions

Your company's operating profits per pair sold in all 4 geographic regions of the wholesale segment for branded footwear are below the industry-high values

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27-09-22 | 18:15:47

correct answer:
Your company's operating

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