[solved] A company's values relate to such things as

fair treatment, honor and integrity, ethical behavior, innovativeness, teamwork, accountability, a passion for top-notch quality or superior customer service, social responsibility, and community citizenship.

the preferred business approaches and operating practices that help company personnel balance efforts to achieve short-term performance targets with their efforts to achieve long-range performance targets.

the beliefs, principles, and ethical standards that are incorporated into the company's strategy.

whether it will emphasize high ethical standards or engage in shady business practices, whether it will pursue high market share or high profitability, and whether it will put more emphasis on pleasing customers or on pleasing shareholders.

how it will balance its pursuit of financial objectives against the pursuit of its strategic objectives--creating a "balanced scorecard" approach to measuring performance is a strong plus.

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10-09-22 | 16:04:21

A company's values relate to such

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