[solved] A company opting to boost its sales of branded footwear by offering buyers 500 models/styles to choose from should consider reducing the $15 million annual costs for production run setup costs associated with producing 500 models/styles at each production facility by

cutting the percentage use of superior materials to help cover some (preferably all) of the costs of the $15 million in annual production run setup costs at each production facility producing 500 models/styles.

producing no more than 200 models at the company's production facilities in other regions.

investing in production improvement option B at those production facility locations producing 500 models.

instituting production improvement options A and C at each production facility where 500 models are being produced.

doubling its expenditures for enhanced styling/features to also increase the S/Q ratings of its footwear brand.

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27-09-22 | 18:12:08

A company opting to boost its sales of branded footwear by

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