[SQL Week 2 Question 200-502]You want to

[SQL Week 2 Question 200-502]

You want to make a report which will give you information about shipments sent by your lower-commission employees. Create a query which will

Include only all those shipments which were sent by an employee whose commission is 10% or less (include commissions of exactly 10%)

Print the state, company name, total quantity in the shipments for that customer, and the maximum employee commission in that order left to right.

Sort it alphabetically by state (ascending). If one state has several companies in it, they should be sorted within the state, with the highest total order quantity on top.

What information is found in the third row down, which should be the first one containing an entry from the State of Michigan? It corresponds to the blue box below.

Question 2 options:


Thumb Exports, 1, 0.04


Midland Imports, 57,  0.09


Something else not found here


Huron Bay Exporters, 68, 0.10


ABC Incorporated, 48,  0.09

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12-09-20 | 10:32:22


You can't get real answer if you break your security system. uron Bwy Exportjrs, 23, 7.87

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