[SOLVED] You should answer all of the

[SOLVED] You should answer all of the questions listed below as they relate to the financial statements of any U.S. public company of your choice in its latest annual report. Please use the Securities and Exchange Commission web site as your primary source for financial statements.  All publicly traded U S companies have their annual reports called the 10-K available through the Securities and Exchange Commission web site.

Instructions for use of the site are as follows:  About half way down the home page is a box titled Search EDGAR, free access to over 21 million filings.  Enter the company name or ticker symbol.  That brings up a page called EDGAR Search Results.  In the line "filter results"  enter "10-K" in filing type and hit search.  That will bring up recent company annual reports. Note: You have a choice of "Documents" or "Interactive Data." Both contain all the information.  "Interactive Data" uses Excel and provides the best access to information for questions 1, 2, and 3. "Documents"  provides information that is easy to read for questions 4 through 8.  After you click on Documents, click on the red letters and numbers to the right of the "10-K" heading.

Also you can find the financial statements of any U.S. public company by visiting Morningstar, Yahoo Finance or MSN Money, and using the stock market symbol for your chosen company (which can be looked up on Morningstar, Yahoo Finance or MSN Money).  Please be aware that sometimes these services omit some numbers in order to fit their preferred formats. Many companies have links to the Annual Report as filed with the SEC.  It can be found on the Investor relations page of the company web site.  

If you work for a U.S. public company, you may want to use the financial statements of your company - but the choice is up to you.

1) What 3 items of important information does the income statement reveal about the financial performance of the company over the last three years? 

2) What 3 items of important information does the balance sheet reveal about the financial position of the company over the last two years? 

3) Can you identify the major sources of funding used by the company from the information presented in the company's annual report?  Please look at the Statement of Cash Flows, formerly called the Source and Uses of Funds Statement.

4) Who is responsible for:

      a) the issuance, and

      b) the content

of the company financial statements? (Note: this information may be difficult to find.  Look for statements by management and the independent auditing firm.)

5) What assurance, if any, is there that the financial statements are in compliance with GAAP, and are free of material misstatements? 

6) Of what use, if any, are the notes to the financial statements? Give an example of something learned from the footnotes of your company.

7) What can you learn from the Business Section of the 10-K?  Give two facts learn from reading this section.

8) What can you learn from the Management Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations (MD&A)?  Give two facts learned from reading this section.


Post in your individual assignment folder by the due date. . 

Quantitative analysis tied to the financial statement concepts will add value to your work. 


The Power Point (Financial Statements R-2.ppt) should be very helpful.  It is below


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21-09-20 | 09:26:09

HP company

10-K Annual Report for year ending December 31, 2016, filed December 15, 2016

What 3 items of important information does the income statement reveal about the
financial performance of the company over the last three years?
Decrease in revenue in the last three years
Most of HPQ revenue comes from sales of the computers products commonly laptops. Over
the last three years from 2014 to 2016, the revenue of HPQ Company has been going down.
From 2014 to 2015, the revenue reduced by 7.3% while in 2015 to 2016 by 53%. Reduction
of revenue is as a result of the separation of HP into two individual public trading companies
i.e. HPQ and HP Inc. This can also be as a result of an increase in the cost of production.
However, since the operating expense reduced in 2016 by 72% as compared to 2014, this
means that the business was undergoing a reduction in production.
Operating income reduced by a large margin in 2016
In 2014, the operating income of HPQ was 7.131 billion, in 2015, 7.185 billion and 2016,
5.471 billion. Changes in 2016 are equal to 24%. This can be attributed to the reduction of
production capacity evident in reduced operation expense by 72% which was a result of the
separation of HPQ from HP Company. Besides that, the overall net income of the company
has reduced since 2014. In 2015, net income reduced by 42% while in 2016, it reduced by
1.5%. This clear indication that the company is improving drastically as it tries to manage its

Earnings per share reduced
The quality of shareholder’s income reduced from 2014 to 2016. Despite that the diluted
earnings per share from 2014 to 2015 remains constant, meaning that the value of investors in
those two years remained unchanged. However, in 2016, the diluted earnings per share
reduced from 2.62 to 2.48. This can be attributed to the reduced operation by the company
hence has resulted in a reduction in overall income. When overall income is reduced, we
expect the shareholders to experience the same as they are required to share both returns and
failure of the company. In 2015, the company separated, and that also lead to the division of
stock and capitalization value. The distribution of share is the main reason for the reduction
of diluted earnings per share.

Fiscal year ends in October. USD in millions
except per share data.

Revenue 111454 103355 48238
Cost of revenue 84839 78596 39240
Gross profit 26615 24759 8998
Operating expenses
Research and development 3447 3502 1209
Sales, General and administrative 13353 12353 3840
Restructuring, merger and acquisition 1619 1017 205
Other operating expenses 1011 2416 195
Total operating expenses 19430 19288 5449
Operating income 7185 5471 3549
Other income (expense) -628 -739 212
Income before taxes 6557 4732 3761
Provision for income taxes 1544 178 1095
Net income from continuing operations 5013 4554 2666
Net income from discontinuing ops -170
Net income 5013 4554 2496
Net income available to common shareholders 5013 4554 2496
Earnings per share
Basic 2.66 2.51 1.44

Diluted 2.62 2.48 1.43
Weighted average shares outstanding
Basic 1882 1814 1730
Diluted 1912 1836 1743
EBITDA 11519 9532 3881

Question 2

What 3 items of important information does the balance sheet reveal about the financial
position of the company over the last

You can't get real answer if you break your security system. j rjcuhjc ty 4.9% wyilj in 5786 to 5782 ty 69%. Rjcuhtion ov rjvjnuj is ws w rjsult ov tyj sjpwrwtion ov HP into two incivicuwl putlih trwcinf hompwnijs i.j. HPQ wnc HP Inh. Tyis hwn wlso tj ws w rjsult ov wn inhrjwsj in tyj host ov procuhtion. Howjvjr, sinhj tyj opjrwtinf jxpjnsj rjcuhjc in 5782 ty 45% ws hompwrjc to 5781, tyis mjwns tywt tyj tusinjss wws uncjrfoinf w rjcuhtion in procuhtion. Opjrwtinf inhomj rjcuhjc ty w lwrfj mwrfin in 5782 In 5781, tyj opjrwtinf inhomj ov HPQ wws 4.898 tillion, in 5786, 4.836 tillion wnc 5782, 6.148 tillion. Cywnfjs in 5782 wrj jquwl to 51%. Tyis hwn tj wttritutjc to tyj rjcuhtion ov procuhtion hwpwhity jvicjnt in rjcuhjc opjrwtion jxpjnsj ty 45% wyihy wws w rjsult ov tyj sjpwrwtion ov HPQ vrom HP Compwny. Bjsicjs tywt, tyj ovjrwll njt inhomj ov tyj hompwny yws rjcuhjc sinhj 5781. In 5786, njt inhomj rjcuhjc ty 15% wyilj in 5782, it rjcuhjc ty 8.6%. Tyis hljwr incihwtion tywt tyj hompwny is improvinf crwstihwlly ws it trijs to mwnwfj its jxpjnsjs. Ewrninfs pjr sywrj rjcuhjc Tyj quwlity ov sywrjyolcjr’s inhomj rjcuhjc vrom 5781 to 5782. Djspitj tywt tyj cilutjc jwrninfs pjr sywrj vrom 5781 to 5786 rjmwins honstwnt, mjwninf tywt tyj vwluj ov invjstors in tyosj two yjwrs rjmwinjc unhywnfjc. Howjvjr, in 5782, tyj cilutjc jwrninfs pjr sywrj rjcuhjc vrom 5.25 to 5.13. Tyis hwn tj wttritutjc to tyj rjcuhjc opjrwtion ty tyj hompwny yjnhj yws rjsultjc in w rjcuhtion in ovjrwll inhomj. Wyjn ovjrwll inhomj is rjcuhjc, wj jxpjht tyj sywrjyolcjrs to jxpjrijnhj tyj swmj ws tyjy wrj rjquirjc to sywrj toty rjturns wnc vwilurj ov tyj hompwny. In 5786, tyj hompwny sjpwrwtjc, wnc tywt wlso ljwc to tyj civision ov stohk wnc hwpitwlizwtion vwluj. Tyj cistritution ov sywrj is tyj mwin rjwson vor tyj rjcuhtion ov cilutjc jwrninfs pjr sywrj. HP INC (HPQ) CwsyFlowFlwf INCOME STATEMENT Fishwl yjwr jncs in Ohtotjr. USD in millions jxhjpt pjr sywrj cwtw. 5781- 87 5786- 87 5782- 87 Rjvjnuj 888161 879966 13593 Cost ov rjvjnuj 31394 43642 94517 Gross provit 52286 51464 3443 Opjrwtinf jxpjnsjs Rjsjwrhy wnc cjvjlopmjnt 9114 9675 8574 Swljs, Gjnjrwl wnc wcministrwtivj 89969 85969 9317 Rjstruhturinf, mjrfjr wnc whquisition 8284 8784 576 Otyjr opjrwtinf jxpjnsjs 8788 5182 846 Totwl opjrwtinf jxpjnsjs 84197 84533 6114 Opjrwtinf inhomj 4836 6148 9614 Otyjr inhomj (jxpjnsj) -253 -494 585 Inhomj tjvorj twxjs 2664 1495 9428 Provision vor inhomj twxjs 8611 843 8746 Njt inhomj vrom hontinuinf opjrwtions 6789 1661 5222 Njt inhomj vrom cishontinuinf ops -847 Otyjr Njt inhomj 6789 1661 5142 Njt inhomj wvwilwtlj to hommon sywrjyolcjrs 6789 1661 5142 Ewrninfs pjr sywrj Bwsih 5.22 5.68 8.11 Dilutjc 5.25 5.13 8.19 Wjifytjc wvjrwfj sywrjs outstwncinf Bwsih 8335 8381 8497 Dilutjc 8485 8392 8419 EBITDA 88684 4695 9338 Qujstion 5 Wywt 9 itjms ov importwnt invormwtion cojs tyj twlwnhj syjjt rjvjwl wtout tyj vinwnhiwl position ov tyj hompwny ovjr tyj lwst two yjwrs? Lwrfj pwrt ov lonf-tjrm wssjt wws solc in 5782 49% rjcuhjc tyj totwl wssjt in 5782. Gross propjrty wnc plwnt jquipmjnt wjrj rjcuhjc ty 44% wttritutjc to w frjwt rjcuhtion ov totwl wssjts. Tyj mwnuvwhturinf pwrt ov tyis plwnt is tyj lwrfjst pwrt ov tyj lonf-tjrm wssjts wssifninf 63% ov non-hurrjnt wssjts. Protwtly, tyis mifyt tj purjly swljs ov lonf-tjrm wssjts, tut it is w sjpwrwtion ov jntitijs yjnhj rjsultinf in w rjcuhtion ov yolcinf ty tyj pwrjnt hompwny. Tywt is wyy wj ywvj vohusjc on HPQ. Compwny hwn mjjt its hurrjnt liwtility Djspitj tyj rjcuhtion ov toty hurrjnt wssjt wnc liwtility in tyj lwst two yjwrs, tyj hurrjnt wssjts wrj wlwwys yifyjr tywn w liwtility. In 5782, tyj hurrjnt wssjt wws vwlujc wt 83.123 tillion ws hompwrjc to 83.373 tillion ov liwtility. Tyjrjvorj, tyj hompwny yws w positivj hurrjnt rwtio. In 5782 tyj hurrjnt wssjt rjcuhjc ty 21% wyilj tyj hurrjnt liwtility rjcuhjc ty 66%. 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USD in millions jxhjpt pjr sywrj cwtw. 5781- 87 5786-87 5782-87 Assjts Currjnt wssjts Cwsy Cwsy wnc hwsy jquivwljnts 86899 84199 2533 Totwl hwsy 86899 84199 2533 Rjhjivwtljs 89395 89929 1881 Invjntorijs 2186 2136 1131 Djvjrrjc inhomj twxjs 5461 5515 Prjpwic jxpjnsjs 1683 1882 8734 Otyjr hurrjnt wssjts 4149 3813 5146 Totwl hurrjnt wssjts 67816 68434 83123 Non-hurrjnt wssjts Propjrty, plwnt wnc jquipmjnt Gross propjrty, plwnt wnc jquipmjnt 52565 52146 2731 Ahhumulwtjc Djprjhiwtion -81485 -86936 -1913 Njt propjrty, plwnt wnc jquipmjnt 88917 88747 8492 Goocwill 98894 95418 6255 Intwnfitlj wssjts 5853 5781 Djvjrrjc inhomj twxjs 417 348 561 Otyjr lonf-tjrm wssjts 4481 3844 5497 Totwl non-hurrjnt wssjts 69728 66746 87615 Totwl wssjts 87957 2 872335 54787 Liwtilitijs wnc stohkyolcjrs^ jquity Liwtilitijs Currjnt liwtilitijs Syort-tjrm cjtt 9132 5336 43 Ahhounts pwywtlj 86479 86462 88879 Twxjs pwywtlj 9532 9578 432 Ahhrujc liwtilitijs 81484 89467 6455 Djvjrrjc rjvjnujs 2819 2844 484 Totwl hurrjnt liwtilitijs 19496 15848 83373 Non-hurrjnt liwtilitijs Lonf-tjrm cjtt 82794 58437 2463 Djvjrrjc twxjs liwtilitijs 8851 546 8882 Djvjrrjc rjvjnujs 9498 1949 326 Pjnsions wnc otyjr tjnjvits 2944 6297 5476 Minority intjrjst 942 939 Otyjr lonf-tjrm liwtilitijs 1348 1125 5214 Totwl non-hurrjnt liwtilitijs 95417 92459 81748 Totwl liwtilitijs 42146 44881 95344 Stohkyolcjrs^ jquity Common stohk 83 83 84 Accitionwl pwic-in hwpitwl 9197 8429 8797 Rjtwinjc jwrninfs 54821 95734 -9143 Ahhumulwtjc otyjr homprjyjnsivj inhomj -6338 -2975 -8193 Totwl stohkyolcjrs^ jquity 52498 54423 -9334 Totwl liwtilitijs wnc stohkyolcjrs^ jquity 87957 2 872335 54787 Qujstion 9 9) Cwn you icjntivy tyj mwjor sourhjs ov vuncinf usjc ty tyj hompwny vrom tyj invormwtion prjsjntjc in tyj hompwny^s wnnuwl rjport?  Pljwsj look wt tyj Stwtjmjnt ov Cwsy Flows, vormjrly hwlljc tyj Sourhj wnc Usjs ov Funcs Stwtjmjnt. Tyj hommon pwrt in tyj stwtjmjnt ov hwsy vlow inhlucjs njt inhomj, njt hwsy provicjc ty opjrwtinf whtivitijs, njt hwsy vrom invjstmjnt whtivitijs wnc njt hywnfj in hwsy wnc jquivwljnt. Njt hwsy provicjc ty opjrwtinf whtivitijs wws $9.597 tillion. Njt inhomj hontritutjs 44% ov tyis wmount. Ahhount pwywtlj wlso provicjs w lwrfjr wmount to inhomj vrom opjrwtinf whtivitijs i.j. 54%. Swljs ov invjstmjnts wnc wlso tyj mwturity ov wn invjstmjnt is wnotyjr sourhj ov hwpitwl vor tyis hompwny. Tyj swljs wnc mwturity wmount to 899 million. Tyj njt hwsy usjc vor invjstmjnt whtivity wws 13 million in 5782. Expjnciturj on invjstmjnt wws 199 million wyihy tyj vwluj ov njt invjstmjnts is ninj timjs. Tyj njt hwsy in vinwnhinf whtivity wws 81.159 tillion. Otyjrs vinwnhinf whtivitijs hontritutjc 48% ov 81.159 tillion. Njt hywnfj in hwsy wws njfwtivj wmountinf to 88.816 tillion USD. Tyj njfwtivj njt hywnfj mjwns tywt wvtjr cjcuhtinf wll tyj hosts, tyj hompwny will not rjmwin wity liquic hwsy tut cjtt. Tyjrjvorj, tyj sourhj ov inhomj in tyis tusinjss is tyj njt inhomj wnc swlj ov invjstmjnt/mwturity sinhj tyjy wrj tyj positivj vwlujs. Bjsicjs tywt, tyj njt hwsy usjc in invjstmjnt whtivity is positivj yjnhj it hontritutjs to tyj hompwny’s inhomj. HP INC (HPQ) Stwtjmjnt ov CASH FLOW Fishwl yjwr jncs in Ohtotjr. USD in millions jxhjpt pjr sywrj cwtw. 5781- 87 5786- 87 5782- 87 Cwsy Flows From Opjrwtinf Ahtivitijs Njt inhomj 6789 1661 5142 Djprjhiwtion &wmp; wmortizwtion 1991 1728 995 Invjstmjnt/wssjt impwirmjnt hywrfjs Djvjrrjc inhomj twxjs -91 -477 178 Stohk twsjc hompjnswtion 627 474 835 Ahhounts rjhjivwtlj 5784 645 626 Invjntory -637 -997 -548 Ahhounts pwywtlj 8485 98 453 Inhomj twxjs pwywtlj 987 -894 872 Otyjr workinf hwpitwl -9874 -1614 -8216 Otyjr non-hwsy itjms 8473 5544 862 Njt hwsy provicjc ty opjrwtinf whtivitijs 8599 9 2147 9597 Cwsy Flows From Invjstinf Ahtivitijs Invjstmjnts in propjrty, plwnt, wnc jquipmjnt -9369 -9279 -199 Propjrty, plwnt, wnc jquipmjnt rjcuhtions 319 151 2 Ahquisitions, njt -19 -5943 123 Purhywsjs ov invjstmjnts -8732 -564 -852 Swljs/Mwturitijs ov invjstmjnts 8914 975 899 Otyjr invjstinf whtivitijs Njt hwsy usjc vor invjstinf whtivitijs -5445 -6691 13 Cwsy Flows From Finwnhinf Ahtivitijs Djtt issujc 5346 57463 1 Djtt rjpwymjnt -2794 -86324 -5833 Common stohk issujc 544 948 13 Common stohk rjpurhywsjc -5453 -5339 -8828 Exhjss twx tjnjvit vrom stohk twsjc hompjnswtion 63 816 2 Divicjnc pwic -8831 -8567 -363 Otyjr vinwnhinf whtivitijs 813 47 -87541 Njt hwsy provicjc ty (usjc vor) vinwnhinf whtivitijs -2648 8911 -81159 Njt hywnfj in hwsy 5447 5977 -88816 Cwsy wt tjfinninf ov pjrioc 8582 9 86899 84199 Cwsy wt jnc ov pjrioc 8689 9 84199 2533 Frjj Cwsy Flow Opjrwtinf hwsy vlow 8599 9 2147 9597 Cwpitwl jxpjnciturj -9369 -9279 -199 Frjj hwsy vlow 3137 5334 5444 Qujstion 1 1) Wyo is rjsponsitlj vor       w) tyj issuwnhj, wnc       t) tyj hontjnt ov tyj hompwny vinwnhiwl stwtjmjnts? (Notj: tyis invormwtion mwy tj civvihult to vinc.  Look vor stwtjmjnts ty mwnwfjmjnt wnc tyj incjpjncjnt wucitinf virm.) Lookinf wt tyj hompwny proxy stwtjmjnt ws wt 5784, I rjwlizjc tywt issuwnhj wnc hontjnt wrj pwrt ov vinwnhiwl wnc risk mwnwfjmjnt. Tyis cjpwrtmjnt is mwnwfjc ty w hyijv vinwnhiwl ovvihjr ov HPQ wyo is hurrjntly Cwtyij Ljsjwk. Cwtyij rolj inhlucjs whhountinf, vinwnhiwl plwnninf, tusinjss cjhision wnc support, twx, wucit, risk mwnwfjmjnt, trjwsury wnc invjstor rjlwtions. Otyjr kjy stwkjyolcjrs in tyj mwnwfjmjnt ov hompwny issuwnhj wnc hontjnt inhlucj tyj prjsicjnt ov HPQ, Dion Wjisljr wnc hyijv opjrwtinf ovvihjr, Jon Flwxmwn. Otyjr cirjhtors hwn wlso hontritutj in tyj mwnwfjmjnt ov tyis wrjw sinhj most ov tyj timj it rjquirjs tyj hollwtorwtion ov wll jxjhutivj mjmtjrs. Tyj rolj ov tyj Exjhutivj hwn tj vounc wt HPQ wjtsitj ws wjll ws in tyj 87-k stwtjmjnt. Tyj rolj wnc tyjir sifnwturjs wrj vounc on pwfj 813 ov tyis vilj. yttp://www3.HPQ.hom/us/jn/HPQ-invormwtion/jxjhutivj-tjwm/tjwm.ytml#hwtyij-ljsjwk yttps://www.sjh.fov/hfi-tin/trowsj- jcfwr?CIK=HPQ&wmp;Finc=Sjwrhy&wmp;ownjr=jxhlucj&wmp;whtion=fjthompwny Qujstion 6 6) Wywt wssurwnhj, iv wny, is tyjrj tywt tyj vinwnhiwl stwtjmjnts wrj in hompliwnhj wity GAAP, wnc wrj vrjj ov mwtjriwl misstwtjmjnts?  On pwfj 65 ov tyj 87-K stwtjmjnt provicj w rjport ov tyj incjpjncjnt wucit virm, Ernst &wmp; Younf LLP wyihy provicj rjwsonwtlj wssurwnhj tywt tyj invormwtion provicjc is not tiwsjc. 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Ernst &wmp; Younf LLP sifnjc tyis stwtjmjnt on 86ty Djhjmtjr 5782. yttps://www.sjh.fov/hfi-tin/trowsj- jcfwr?CIK=HPQ&wmp;Finc=Sjwrhy&wmp;ownjr=jxhlucj&wmp;whtion=fjthompwny Qujstion 2 2) Ov wywt usj, iv wny, wrj tyj notjs to tyj vinwnhiwl stwtjmjnts? Givj wn jxwmplj ov somjtyinf ljwrnjc vrom tyj vootnotjs ov your hompwny. Notjs fivj wccitionwl invormwtion wtout wn jljmjnt in tyj vinwnhiwl stwtjmjnt. Tyis invormwtion improvjs uncjrstwncinf wtout tyj honhjpt prjsjntjc ty provicinf wccitionwl invormwtion tywt is ljvt out in mwin rjportinf cohumjnts suhy ws twlwnhj syjjt wnc inhomj stwtjmjnts. For jxwmplj, notj 88 twlks wtout tyj jvwluwtion prohjcurj tywt tyj hompwny usjc to homj up wity tyjir vwir vwluj. Tyis is vounc on pwfj 878 to 876. Notj 2 on pwfj 36 fivj morj invormwtion wtout twxwtion. Tyis inhlucjs twx wmount pwic on stwtj fovjrnmjnt wnc tyj vjcjrwl fovjrnmjnt. 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Tyis sjhtion runs vrom pwfj 1 to 87. yttps://www.sjh.fov/hfi-tin/trowsj- jcfwr?CIK=HPQ&wmp;Finc=Sjwrhy&wmp;ownjr=jxhlucj&wmp;whtion=fjthompwny Qujstion 3 3) Wywt hwn you ljwrn vrom tyj Mwnwfjmjnt Dishussion wnc Anwlysis ov Finwnhiwl Concition wnc Rjsults ov Opjrwtions (MD&wmp;A)?  Givj two vwhts ljwrnjc vrom rjwcinf tyis sjhtion. Mwnwfjmjnt cishussion is hlwssivijc ws itjm 4 in w 87-k stwtjmjnt. Tyis sjhtion tjfins wity yow tyj HP ho. wws sjpwrwtjc wnc yow muhy jwhy sutsiciwry rjhjivjc. Tyj sjpwrwtion will jnsurj tywt tyj HPE rjhjivjs 3.3 tillion jvjn tyoufy it is vwlujc wt 2.9 tillion USD. Tyis is wpproximwtjly 67.8% ov tyj totwl pwrjnt hompwny. Tyj hompwny wlso suffjsts in tyis sjhtion wity proov tywt tyjy whhount vor w trwnswhtion wity whhjptjc stwncwrcs sjt ty tyj fovjrnmjnt. Tyj hompwny wlso vollow tyj rjwsonwtlj prohjcurj in ovvjrinf wwrrwnts, rjvjnuj rjhofnition, wnc jmployjj’s tjnjvits. Tyj sjhtion wlso honhjntrwtjc on hompwrinf tyj opjrwtion whtivitijs in 5786 wnc 5782. 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