[SOLVED] Which of the following is not one of the pitfalls of a low-cost provider strategy? quizlet

Getting carried away with overly aggressive price-cutting to win sales and market share away from rival firms--higher unit sales and market shares do not automatically translate into higher total profits

Not being alert to the risks that an innovative rival may discover an even lower lower-cost value chain approach or that the firm's cost advantage can be undermined by cost-saving technological breakthroughs

Failing to emphasize avenues of cost advantage that can be kept proprietary or that are very costly and/or time-consuming for rivals to copy

Pursuing low costs so zealously that a company's product offering ends up being too features-poor to generate buyer appeal

Failing to slash price far enough below what rivals are charging to achieve dramatically large gains in sales volumes and market share


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05-09-22 | 16:17:20

correct answer:
Failing to emphasize

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