Question 4 (2 points) Question 4 options:[SQL Week 2

Question 4 (2 points)


Question 4 options:

[SQL Week 2 Question 200-504]

You want to compute the order total for your shipments.  For all of your shipments, put together a report which contains the following column.  Sort it ascending on idShipment

Create a new field in the output result called OrderTotal, which is the price per unit multiplied by the order quantity.  You will need to calculate this field in SQL.

Your screen output should look something like this:

What is the Scantag for the entry outlined in blue above?  Make sure you also type the hyphen in the middle of the scantag.


What is the quantity in the blue box?  Enter your answer to the nearest integer.   


What is the order total that should be in the blue box?  Enter your answer to two decimal places.


Paste the SQL you used to execute this query below.  


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12-09-20 | 10:30:11

Select idshipment, CompanyName, Manufacturer, ProductName, Scantag,

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