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 Looking forward to next year, if Digby’s


Looking forward to next year, if Digby’s current cash amount is $19,378 (000) and cash flows from operations next period are unchanged from this period and Digby takes ONLY the following actions relating to cash flows from investing and financing activities:


Issues $2,000 (000) of long-term debt

Pays $4,000 (000) in dividends

Retires $10,000 (000) in debt


Which of the following activities will expose Digby to the most risk of needing an emergency loan?

Select: 1


Repurchases $10,000 (000) of stock


Purchases assets at a cost of $15,000 (000)


Issues 100 (000) shares of common stock


Sells $7,000 (000) of long-term assets


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