Betty Bass was a highly respected Senior

Betty Bass was a highly respected Senior Vice President at Colossal Technology Enterprises and well knownfor her community service work. Betty had been at Colossal for over ten years and had risen from the ranks,starting out as an assistant project specialist and steadily progressing to a senior management position.Betty's performance evaluations during her time at Colossal ranged from Very Good to Outstandingperformance. Betty's leadership on many Colossal projects resulted in increased revenue for the company.She was generally well respected in the company, but, as is often the case with office politics, there weresome people who had competed with her for positions in the past and were envious of her success.Shortly after Betty's most recent promotion to Senior Vice President, Joe Johnson, who was also a candidatefor the position, attended a conference. Joe was very disappointed about not getting the promotion, and, aftera few too many drinks at a social gathering, he shared his disappointment with a couple he had just met thatnight. He was comparing his qualifications with Betty's and he mentioned Betty's name. As it turned out, theman he was talking with had known Betty at a previous job, and he mentioned to Joe that he was interestedto hear that Betty had completed her MBA at UMUC because when he knew her, she had dropped out.



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What should Betty do?
Betty should tell the truth to HRM. I believe the truth set the record straight. She lied
ones to get the job, but she need not do that again. The truth will help keep her reputation as well
as it can be a reason for HRM to keep her. Also, it can be the reason for her to get a job in other
company should her current position terminated. Besides that, her record in the company is good,
and no organization will want to lose its best employee to the competitor.
How should Human Resources handle this situation
Betty does good work. Family situation, ten years ago, prompted her to lie about having
an MBA degree to get a Job. This is an understandable situation although unethical. HRM need
to consider the ethical leader’s decision tree and Badaracco to make a decision that can be fair to
everyone. First, the HRM need to assess whether firing Betty is Legal or illegal. Clearly, it can
be seen that it is legal to fire her. However, considering Badaracco framework the negative
consequence of firing her is likely to be great especially since she offers excellent work. Also,
the decision to fire her can be unfair especially since she never dropped out willingly but due to
family issues. Considering both frameworks, I believe Betty should not be fired. Also, keeping
her is in the best interest of the company as she is a valuable member of this organization.
Besides that, HRM should offer a decision that aims to maintain the good reputation of the
Keeping Betty will help them maintain the best team as well as maintain a good
reputation. Therefore, keeping her is beneficial to the company, but they need to involve every
party of interest in making this decision. Hence involving Joe in decision making by letting him
know that he need to get over promotion issues is unavoidable. Joe needs to be informed about

the procedure that has been used to keep Betty rather than firing her. The HRM also need to give
him reasons why he should stop questioning the promotion of Betty as doing so jeopardize the
reputation of the company. HRM need to reschedule the work of Betty to give her an opportunity
to continue with MBA. This will help her meet the requirements of the position she is holding


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