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Betty Bass was a highly respected Senior

Betty Bass was a highly respected Senior Vice President at Colossal Technology Enterprises and well knownfor her community service work. Betty had been at Colossal for over ten years and had risen from the ranks,starting out as an assistant project specialist and steadily progressing to a senior management position.Betty's performance evaluations during her time at Colossal ranged from Very Good to Outstandingperformance. Betty's leadership on many Colossal projects resulted in increased revenue for the company.She was generally well respected in the company, but, as is often the case with office politics, there weresome people who had competed with her for positions in the past and were envious of her success.Shortly after Betty's most recent promotion to Senior Vice President, Joe Johnson, who was also a candidatefor the position, attended a conference. Joe was very disappointed about not getting the promotion, and, aftera few too many drinks at a social gathering, he shared his disappointment with a couple he had just met thatnight. He was comparing his qualifications with Betty's and he mentioned Betty's name. As it turned out, theman he was talking with had known Betty at a previous job, and he mentioned to Joe that he was interestedto hear that Betty had completed her MBA at UMUC because when he knew her, she had dropped out.


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