1.    Complete the model (flesh out a

1.    Complete the model (flesh out a full model of the decision to include decomposing the decision, refining the needed information sources for the analysis, refining authorities)


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To sell the approach, it is important first to make it tally with the company vision. Besides, make it unofficial by trying to contact each team member personally to tell them about the new idea that you have and how it can solve decision-making problems. Finally, make it achievable. You can do that by ensuring that the language used is friendly and easy so that they can understand and buy-in. I am most likely to encounter psychological resistance. The reason for this is that in our organization, people are used to receiving instruction rather than contributing. Therefore, they may develop a fear of the unknown since they may fear that involvement in decision making will come with higher responsibility.


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5. Generate an "analytics requirements document"

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