how it works

Last Update: 22 Jun, 2022

A buyer can be a freelancer, and a freelancer can be a buyer in this platform by switching the account from either buyer or freelancer to the freelancer or buyer account respectively. It should be noted that one need no two accounts to enjoy buying and selling services since only one is enough.

For Buyers

A buyer needs to open the account first and then search for specific services that he or she needs. The Plusacademics site will then display possible services offered. The buyer can then select the most suitable services that show up in the list. Ones the service is selected. It is advisable for the buyer to contact the freelancer selected before ordering. Ones the agreement is reached, the freelancer can initiate a contract with the buyer of which if agreed by the buyer, and then the delivery process can be initiated.


We have two payment system i.e. PayPal and ipay. Ipay is our preferred payment method since it easier and secure for both parties involved.

Not satisfied?

After delivery, the buyer will always have a chance to ask for revisions until satisfied. If the quality is still not satisfactory, the buyer can as well ask for a refund. The buyer can get a refund up to 20 days after delivery. When a refund is asked, the order amount is returned to buyers balance. Since service fees are already charged during the ordering process, the refund does not include services fees. Since there is always cases of abuse, Plusacademics limits the number of times one can request a refund. In most cases, refunds will be done by the support department.

For Freelancer

Freelancers need to fill their profile and create an ad to display their services. The ads have been designed to be simple but also enable the freelancer to be detailed enough. Ones the profile and ad are created, the services offered by freelancers will be displayed on our website as well as search engines. If the client selects your service, they will contact you. Once the agreement is met, you will enter into a contract with the customer. When you deliver the work, and there is no revision within 72 hours, the amount earned will be debited in your account, and you can view it in your balance record. The amount will be available for withdrawal after 20 days after the work is delivered. The balance will be cashed out using PayPal, Payoneer and M-pesa services. The minimum amount that can be sent to you is 20$.

Order payments

Plusacademics understand the problem associated with chargeback and it requests both sellers and buyers to resolve payment issues within the platform. However, in case of chargeback and there is no solution available to resolve the issues, chargeback cost will be incurred by the seller.

Services offered

The seller should ensure that the content of their services is original and in case of any third party material used, the seller should make sure that they have all the license and permission required.