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There are several types of Capsim games. We have Capsim foundation, Capsim competition, and Capsim global DNA. Capsim meaning? Captive simulation. T...

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There are several types of Capsim games. We have Capsim foundation, Capsim competition, and Capsim global DNA. Capsim meaning? Captive simulation.  This article will focus on Capsim simulation answers foundation or Capsim competition with high-tech and low-tech market segments. In a future article, we will venture into Capsim competition with four segments, i.e., low end, traditional, high end, size, and performance.  This Capsim help desk will provide you with Capsim's best strategy, Capsim cheats in pdf, Capsim strategy plan, and Capsim simulation tips.  Kindly stay tuned as we provide you with tips and past decisions that were used to earn 850+ points.  This article provides capsim help round 1 and it tries to answer most questions asked by those searching for help in reddit. Do you want to know secret for winning capsim 2023 that expert do not want you to know? Kindly click here. If you only need capsim round 1 2024 answers then click here to get simplified answers in tables that you will just fill up and get your best result.  we also offer Capsim Tutorial, kindly whatsapp us and we will try to get you at least 900 points. 

Capsim Strategies to win 2024

While dealing with Capsim with only two segments, i.e., high tech and low tech, it is good to go with a differentiator strategy. In this capsim strategy plans, one focuses on providing high reliability, better positioning, performance, and ideal age.  This capsim strategy also calls for aggressive marketing to attain high awareness and accessibility faster. If you have difficulties comprehending capsim strategy, we are here and we can offer help. Kindly email us via {}

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Research and development decision

For products in the low-tech segment, the focus should be to provide products with ages close to 3 years. In the first two years, you should also focus on positioning it on low tech and high tech intersection before introducing new products in the high tech market segment.

At around 1, introduce a new product in the high-tech market segment.

Capsim round 1  2024 R & D answers


Performance (Round 0)

Performance (Round 1)

Size (Round 0)

Size (Round 1)















Capsim marketing cheats 2023 round 1



Promotion budget

Sales budget












For marketing, the goal is to have the highest awareness And accessibility faster. Doing so will ensure the company has a competitive advantage over the others. Each year, a product will lose 33% of its awareness, and spending $1000 will add 22%, spending $2000 will add 55%.  For accessibility, a company with many products in a given segment will likely gain higher accessibility than a company with only one product. Therefore, the goal is to introduce new products faster to gain a larger markets share by gaining accessibility faster.

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Forecasting is one of the decisions that will make or break your capsim company. There are many ways of  forecasting and different techniques will be used based on the level of competition. Our forecasting formula is as follows

Potential sales=last year sales*(1+segment market growth rate)+150-inventory.

150 are additional units that you estimate to sell at your competitor's expense by having a better decision. This value varies depending on the segment. For example, in low tech, you might compete based on price and estimate to sell more by charging less.  For the high-tech segment, the market size is small; hence, sales variance might be less. Therefore, instead of 150, you might have 80. The variance unit also helps to prevent stockout. Stockout leads to loss of points.

Capsim production tips round 1


Production ordered

Capacity change

Automation next round










Capsim finance decision round 1

While making financial decisions, counter checks them against a balanced scorecard. The balanced scorecard should inform you how much of specific financing options should be utilized. There are two key metrics to check, i.e., leverage and days of working capital. It is preferred to have days of working capital ranging from 30 to 90.  Any financial activities that increase current asset increases days of working capital. Such activities include long-term borrowing, issuing of stock, and selling of capacity.

On the other hand, working capital is reduced by any activities that lower current assets and increase current liability. Such activities include retiring stock and debt, issuing short-term debt and dividends.  Financial decisions are made with balance in mind since, without balance, you will lose points. To get high leverage points, you need to issue short-term debt and long-term debt.  However, increasing debt increases interest and thus lowers profits. Therefore, the best decision is the one that gets you the maximum points since there is a chance of losing and gaining points no matter what decision is made.



Short debt


Bond issue



What about round 2 and others?

You need to read your competitors and adjust based on how competitive they are in the coming round. Remember to forecast well and never to over-estimate. Overestimation leads to emergency loans, and it may cost your company a competitive advantage.  Do you need to get more free capsim answers and cheatsheet 2021? Kindly keep in touch, and we will always update you with knew capsim template and simulation tips.

Are you good at watching videos? Kindly check our YouTube videos about Capsim via the link share. They are very educative and easy to follow.

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