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If you could take a minute and flashback ten years ago, I guess you would be surprised about how the world has changed. Did you even know “Tesla...

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If you could take a minute and flashback ten years ago, I guess you would be surprised about how the world has changed. Did you even know “Tesla” or was electric car even a reality to you?  Oh, did bitcoin even had a meaning? Today everyone is singing about tesla, EVs and how effective and fun they are.  These are part of great development going on the world every day. It was just like 17 century when farmworkers knew nothing about technology and they were being surprised with new inventions introduced as time moved by. And surprisingly, those inventions came to replace them. Today it is no different. If you are hearing more of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and self-driving truck, it is important to align yourself with alternative knowledge just in case you are made redundant. The beauty of today's world, unlike 17 century, is that there are unlimited available resources to teach your new skills at low cost or even for free.  This article will outline several skills and jobs that are most likely to be the greatest opportunity for the future.  

Software developer

Today we are already managing nearly all our activities via software. We are even ordering our basic products via website and application. Think about the autonomous car. They work based on software. Therefore, being a software designer and developer is something that will be available for ages.  Therefore, being a coding guru will automatically place you in an employability position. According to the bureau of labor Statistics, the employment of software developers is expected to grow by 21% from 2018 to 2028. If you dream about being a software developer, then you are on the right path, pursue it.

Healthcare job

We all get sick sometimes and we need doctors and nurses to diagnose and provide treatment and guidance to heal quicker. Diseases are also getting complex and there is a need for frequent research and development to improve drug strength. According to the bureau of labor statistics, healthcare jobs are expected to grow by 14% from 2018 to 2028. 14% is an industry that already employs millions is a very large number; therefore, getting a job in the healthcare industry is even going to get easier.

Big data analyst and detectives

Have you heard that in China there are cameras all over the streets and even in residential apartments? These facial recognition cameras can also be used for making payment. How? Just smile at them and payment is done. These cameras can also be used to detect crime as well as identify criminals (whose data is available) from the crowd. This is an example of big data. In the future, it is expected that a large amount of data about people and activities will be collected. Businesses and governments will need analysts to identify patterns of activities to assist in decision making. Therefore, if you are already conversant with data analysis, teach yourself big data and you may be ready for future needs.

Agriculture technology consultant

Currently, some farms use no soil to grow food. Others use drones and other technologies to draw partners and assist in providing crucial data for decision making. Other farms use AI technology to harvest products. Farmers are usually concerned about the cost of productions and, they will not hesitate to utilize means that reduce the cost of production while improving yield. Therefore, agricultural technologists are something that will be of great importance in the future. 


With technology improvement, there will be more risks, wrongdoings, and crime. For example, many people are likely to lose their jobs and problems associated with unemployment such as crimes, are likely to increase.  Cases of technology failure and loss of personal data are likely to increase. All these cases require the services of lawyers to negotiate on behalf of the plaintiff or to defend the interest of the defendant. According to the bureau of labor Statistics, lawyers' employment is expected to grow by 6% from 2018 to 2028.

I think there will be someone willing to buy what you do regardless of the course you will take. However, take note of the jobs listed above since they have a great promising future. Above all, don’t ignore your creativity. Creativity and talent pay well even today, and it has a strong and promising future too. Therefore, keep on sharpening your creativity skill and you may have something special to complement your profession. Trustworthy data back the above list, so it is something you can rely on. Keep on working hard and it will pay off. 

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