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Capsim answers 2022Capsim simulation is one of the challenging educational games. Capsim means captive simulation and in any case, it will keep you...

Capsim answers 2022

Capsim simulation is one of the challenging educational games. Capsim means captive simulation and in any case, it will keep you in a hostage situation.  Whenever you make any capsim 2022 decision. Often think about emergency loans. If you get capsim emergency loan, you will have a hard time recovering especially when there is stiff competition and your competitors know what they are doing.

So can we help?

Yes, we are here to give you capsim round 1 answers 2022 so that you can get a head-start and be on the right track towards scoring the best possible points. This capsim free guide will not only ensure that you know what you are doing but also ensure you get the correct answers for start. Still don’t believe you can get the best from this? This Capsim for dummies has been structured just for you. Try it out and you will see the best result.  Ready to start solving? Here is the capsim login. Not yet started, click here for Capsim student registration.

We are now set to start.

capsim round 1 R & D cheats 2022

looking for capsim cheat 2022 for R & D. You are in the right place. This cheat sheet not only caters to your capsim research and development answers 2022 only but also offers capsim round 2 answers 2022. And we have so extended the guide to cover everything until you are done.

So how do you win capsim R & D 2022? The basic concept is to only increase performance and reduce size. You also need to watch what customers need in terms of age. For low-end customers want 7 years. That means you will take it slow in revision. High-end customers want an age of 0. So you will revise it faster. Kindly check the table below to get capsim round 1 R&D answers 2022.

Analysis of capsim Research & Development answers 2022

If your capsim 2022 R&D values look like ours, then you can go ahead to use our capsim cheat sheet 2022 the way it is. However, capsim is bound to change and you might not have similar starting values for your R & D as we do.  So what should you do if this is the case? first, you need to understand each product and the segment they are from. Usually, the first product on the list is traditional. When you look at the perceptual map, it is the product at the center of the map.  For our case, it had a starting performance of 5.5, size of 15.5, and reliability of 19000.  You also need to know that customers need a product with age close to 3 years. Systematically, this means that you need to revise the product severally throughout the capsim simulation game to satisfy their needs. for our case in round 1, we found that increasing performance of 5.5 by 0.7 is necessary. So, in round 1 we ended up with 6.2. we also reduced size by 0.7 and that is why we ended up with 14.8. 

For low-end, the most affordable segment in capsim designed for least tech-savvy customers, customers are not concerned with the newness of products. in fact they are so interested with technology that is already proven. That is why 7 years old product has seemed like a good choice.  The age of the product is important for the low-end segment and any product with an age close to 7 years is likely to get the highest percentage of sales associated with it. Therefore, you should not change the size and performance of a low-end product in round 1. If you start at 3.0 for performance and 17.0 for size, maintain it at that level for several rounds.

For high end, customers prefer new products with age close to 0.0. they also want a product with high performance and small size. They can also pay a premium for highly reliable products. that is the main reason why we increased performance by 1.0 and reduced size by 1.l0 while giving customers the highest reliability required in the high end of 25000. In the end, we had a performance of 9.0 and a size of 11.0.

For capsim performance segment answers, you need to understand that customers want a highly reliable product. Therefore, give the reliability of 27000 first.  Size is not that important but ensures they also have the best performance coordinate. Hence, increase performance coordinate by 1.0 and reduce the size by 1.0.  based on our starting coordinates, we ended up with a performance of 10.4 and a size of 14.5.

Finally size. For size, size coordinate is important. The customer here looks for a smaller-sized sensor.  Although we opted to reduce the size by 1.0 and increased performance by 1.0. reducing the size by 1.2 and increasing performance by 0.8 is also a better choice.  Based on our decision we ended up with a performance of 5.0 and a size of 10.0.


Capsim marketing cheats 2022

First, you need to know the limits of marketing. Spending more than 3000 per product in sales experiences diminishing returns. For promotion, first 1000 add 22%, second 23% and third 5%. Depending on resources at your disposal, max up as much as you can since those with high awareness and accessibility sell more. Have trouble figuring this out? Don’t worry, we have you covered with our capsim marketing 2022 answers shared below.  Capsim forecasting is another major challenge affecting even those who can be considered experts. The question is how do you forecast? There is no correct answer to this but understanding the market is the best way to go about this. However, you need not worry, since we have already provided you with a free capsim forecasting cheat sheet.

Analysis of capsim marketing strategy and decision

Capsim marketing strategy involves four things. That is capsim marketing forecasting, capsim pricing, capsim promo, and capsim sales budget setting.  Before setting any capsim marketing figures, you need to understand or project your competitor's decision-making strategy. In capsim marketing decision round 1, you have a blind eye because you do not know yet what others will be doing. However, you need to be as risk-averse as possible. For that note, we found that spending 2000 on both sales and promo and for all products was much better. For pricing, we charged $27.50 for traditional. This price is likely to be a little above average for the traditional segment. however, it is in line with pour road differentiation capsim strategy.  For the low end, we reduced the price to $20.50. this is the best price considering most competitors are likely to have something less than $21.00. for high end, price is not that important and if you have a premium product, customers are likely to pay higher. That is why we had $38.00 per unit. It is also likely to be a little more than the segment average. For performance and size products we charged $34.50 per unit. The reason is that both products have nearly the same dynamics but in opposite directions. For example, size is smaller while performance product is highly performing one.

The most challenging decision in Capsim is marketing. It is one of those that if you get it wrong you are bound to fail. However, we have you catered for and we have created a video exclusively to debunk the problem of Capsim forecasting decision. We also have Capsim forecasting spreadsheet that will make life much easier for you.


Capsim production answers 2022

How much do you produce? You need to produce a little more than what you have projected to sell. This way, you will avoid the problem of stocking out. You can have a variance of between 50 and 150 depending on how confident you are about your forecasting prowess. For capsim, you need to adjust based on plant utilization level. If you are having plant utilization above 150%, then you are good to go about improving capacity. Don’t increase capacity too quickly. You can try 100 at a time. For capsim production automation, increase for low-end and traditional faster than those of high end, performance, and size. The reason for this is that prices are low for the traditional and low end. Therefore, to get a good margin, you need to cut down labor costs. Unfortunately, you can only achieve that through automation.  Still have a problem figuring out capsim production, kindly find our attached production cheat sheet.

Capsim production strategy analysis

There is three decision-making area for Capsim production including production schedule, capacity change, and automation. For the production schedule we use Capsim forecasting per each product to arrive at what to produce for each production. for traditional we will add additional 30 units to forecasted 1250 units the subtract the inventory at hand. Doing this will help us to avoid excess inventory as well as stocking out. For low end, we will produce 1907 less inventory. For high-end 550 less inventory, for performance 400 less inventory, and for size 550 less inventory. We will not adjust production capacity in capsim answers round 1 but we will adjust automation. For traditional, we will increase to 7.0 while for low ed to 8.0. for high end, performance and size, we will maintain at 3.0. the reason for increasing faster the automation for the traditional and low end is to max up contribution margin. Also, these segments sell at a lower price hence without cutting labor costs early, it will be difficult to make a decent profit.


Human resource and TQM

For capsim TQM answers 2022, it depends if it is available and also the level of resources you have. However, if your major problem is products revision date, then you should concentrate first on solving such issues through Total quality management.  For capsim HRM, spend 5000 on recruitment and 80 hours for training. These will give you the best result.

Capsim finance cheats 2022

You should do this section last. Before doing this section, make sure you check your balanced scorecard. Specifically, look for days of working capital and leverage. This will inform you whether to issue bonds, borrow or issue stock. Above all, make sure the projected cash position at the end of the year is a large positive number (not less than 10000) such that in case of poor forecasting, you will not end up with the emergency loan.

Satisfied with our answers, kindly comment below so that we may improve in the future. Besides that, If you need further assistance, kindly WhatsApp us via the button shown at the bottom of this screen.

How to use our capsim spreadsheet cheat sheet?

Our spreadsheet has been made very easier to use. first, you need to identify the segment where each original products belong. Once you have identified, you will take the performance and size coordinate that you found in your Capsim R&D when you start making a decision. You will replace it in the area marked with a yellow background. That is the only thing you need to do and it will recalculate figures for all your Capsim rounds. Your work will only be to rep0lace values in Capsim from our Capsim spreadsheet.







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