[examples] how to write university discussion

[examples] how to write university discussion response?


16-09-20 | 19:49:25

Betty Response I totally agree with you that Betty action was not right and she should consider putting herself in the shoes of other managers who want to maintain ethics at all cost and see whether it was right option despite her situation at the time of applying for the first job. Also, it is true that her good work outshines the lie that she committed ten years ago, I also agree with you that she need to come out clean and accept the responsibility including all the changes that HRM will propose. I totally love the way you have brought out the facts about the interest of the company and it is clear that the Colossal technology cannot afford to lose Betty. Therefore, Joe need get over the changes for the best interest of the company. Besides that, you have offered a better explanation about why HRM decision, in this case, is important. For instance, wherever happens the reputation of the company is at crossroads. Therefore, it is necessary to keep Betty so as to keep her good work and maintain good reputation of the company. Although no mistake can be justified be ethical it does not mean that it cannot be corrected. Besides that, we should not be always ready to make a rush decision without considering other hidden facts that answers the question why, when and how. Putting all that together we can be able to make decision that is fair to everyone.


16-09-20 | 19:49:49

LOOSE LIPS REPLY Your response is great. You clearly outline how Sharkey has violated the code of conduct. It is clear that both Sheila and Cypher will have a difficult life trying to fit in a situation that has been played against them. Also, I totally agree with you that damages have been done and it does matter even if allegations are found to be false. Using Badaracco framework in this situation is important since it aid for proper and ethical decision making. It is clear that employees at this organization need to be taught on importance maintaining ethics at the workplace. This will assist them to know what to do whenever a conflicting situation occurs. The action of Sharkey was unwelcomed and firing him can be one of the best to act as an example to others. Overall, it is important for the company to take a step in educating the employees on the importance of workplace harmony, respect, and consciousness. Such ethics are important since employees will be thinking first before committing mistakes that negatively impacts the performance of others. This is even clear in Badaracco framework which includes factors such as the right of others. In this case, the employee needs to think about how their action will affect others and whether what they are doing is right or wrong.

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