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DATA 620 QUIZ 2.5B Muti-Table SQL Queries

DATA 620 QUIZ 2.5B Muti-Table SQL Queries (3rd Attempt) Week 2 Assignment 2.5B Questions Question 1 (1 point)   Question 1 options: [SQL Week 2 Question 200-501] For every shipment in the shipment table, you want to know its shipment details, the customer information, and the employee information. Include exactly and only all the records for which a shipment ID exists. Sort it ascending by Scantag. SELECT* from Customer c Join Shipment s on c.idCustomer=s.Customer_idCustomer Join Employee e ON s.employee_idEmployee =e.idEmployee where idShipment is not null order by Scantag asc; What is the idShipment of your first record? What is the idCustomer of the first row returned? What is the first name (EmpFirstName) of the employee in the first row returned? (Make sure to type the first name only.) Egbert Question 2 (1 point)  

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